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Foot And Ankle Pain

Painful arches, tired feet, or sore ankles can be caused by a variety of issues related to how your foot and arch functions.
Unless you have had a direct injury to the ankle such as a sprain or sports injury, foot and ankle pain can also be caused by problems further up the leg. such as the knees, hips or back.
Common foot and ankle complaints we treat:

• Plantar fascitis

• Achilles tendinopathy

• Over pronation/supination- high / flat arches

• Fractures or post-surgery

• Sports injuries sprains and strains

• Metatarsalgia, and bunions.

If you experience pain in your foot or ankle, you may also feel pain in your toes, arches or moving up the back or front of the leg towards the knee. This can range from sharp pains to dull aches, burning sensations and pins and needles.  

It is highly recommended to consult a professional to determine the source of the pain. Remember, it is not just important to treat the symptoms but to target the source of the pain and prevent it from coming back. We are here to help!

Foot and Ankle pain can often be caused by:

Previous injuries to the foot, ankle, knees, or hips. Old injuries can come back to haunt us if not managed properly.

Imbalances in strength, mobility, flexibility, posture, or alignment can all contribute to foot or ankle pain. Weak or tight muscles can impact joints, muscles, tendons and nerves in other parts of the body. Your body should function as a team, and we want to ensure that one body area isn’t left doing all the work.

Instability - This can link to previous ankle injuries where your ligaments have been damaged or weakened through spraining them. Hypermobility may also be an issue and ensuring the muscles are all doing the right job to help prevent recurring sprains and injuries in the future is important.

Foot function is unique to everyone and it can impact the hip and other joints. We can scan your feet in just 10 minutes to identify any potential issues. If we detect any problems, we can custom-mould comfortable and supportive insoles in-store for you. Your wellbeing begins at your feet.

Footwear - Similar to above, ensuring that you have appropriate support and shock absorption for your feet is important. Finding the right balance of comfort and support by investing in proper footwear can go a long way. Custom insoles in your footwear can provide even more support as they are tailored to your unique foot. Here’s a link to our blog where you can find more information about choosing the right footwear.

A new hobby or sport - Doing too much too soon, or increasing physical activity too quickly, when your body isn’t used to it can cause problems. We recommend a “Body MOT” for those who want to get into or increase physical activity.

Age/Arthritis - As you get older, you lose 3-8% muscle mass per year which can help us to understand why things might get harder with age. Arthritis isn’t a disease; it is wear and tear, and it is inevitable, even for those who don’t have pain. However, it doesn’t mean you have to live in constant pain. We can’t get rid of arthritis but we can help reduce pain by making you more resilient and keeping your muscles and joints functioning at their best, like a well-oiled machine. Here's a link to a our blog for more information about wear and tear, arthritis, and keeping your body well-maintained.

Neurological issues including MS, Parkinsons or having experienced a stroke can all be influential to foot and ankle pain. You can find more information on a client we worked with who experienced neurological issues on our blog.

Why do I have foot and ankle pain?

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